9-11: Conspiracy Theories
Summary: This jigsaw activity is designed as a cooperative research assignment focused on the 9-11 conspiracy theory. You will become an expert in one subset of the theory, then you will teach other people about your topic and they will teach you theirs.

Learner Description: This activity is appropriate for high school students who are curious, skeptical, open-minded, and whose parents have signed a detailed waiver regarding the contents of this class.

Instructions: We will begin by dividing into ‘home groups’ of three students each. You may choose your own groups for this assignment. Each person in your home group will be assigned a specific topic relating to the 9-11 conspiracy theory. Your home group will then split up and each member will get together with the individuals from other home groups that are researching the same topic. Within these research groups, you will gather and share information on your assigned topic, becoming experts in that subset of the conspiracy theory. When finished, all students will return to their home groups and share what they learned.


Group 1:

Warnings and Background Info

Group 2:

The Collapse

Group 3:

Attempts to Debunk